I'm Diana, a twenty-something self-taught baker and cocktail maker living in Philadelphia. I started Unusually Lovely in 2012 as a way to share a little bit about myself and my hobby of making things. Several years later, it's now a place where I get to share recipes for treats and cocktails, talk about the things that interest, and share my experiences with you.

Unusually Lovely focuses on creating recipes that are easy for all skill levels but pack a big punch. I want to help you create the showstopping dessert for your next family gathering, the tastiest cocktail for your next brunch, or even just the most delicious cookies your boyfriend has ever tasted. That's what you'll find in my little corner of the internet.

For more information about the blogs that inspire me, here are some of my favorite blogs.

Contact me at Diana [at] unusuallylovely [dot] com.