Crate Shelf

After getting my hands on this old crate, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. I thought I might turn it into a little shelving unit, but in our old apartment we didn't really have anywhere to hang it, or anything to put in it. After moving, I realized that we had the perfect place for the crate hanging over our bar and it could hold some salt and pepper shakers that were currently homeless.

Tim finally got around to hanging it on Sunday and I couldn't be happier. We hopefully will be adding a small shelf in the center of the crate, but right now, I'm happy with it. And now my salt and pepper shakers have a home and aren't in the way anymore. Double success!

All we did to hang the crate was attach two heavy-duty picture hangers on the back and hang on two nails in the wall. If you wanted to put something heavier in the crate, you might want to make sure it won't pull out from the wall. Since mine is just holding small odds and ends, the picture hangers will work just fine.

Have you done anything fun with crates?

Moving's No Fun

This was life around here for a few days. Yup, life. Thankfully, it is starting to shape up around here. We are loving our larger apartment, we are loving the couple of new projects we have going on for the space, I'm loving shopping around for chairs and new bedding. We can't wait to get this place spick and span for a little housewarming gathering (with grilled cheese!) and we are making the most of our summer. I'll share a few photos of how things are coming together later this week.

Do you have a moving strategy? Mine is move everything into the new space as fast as possible and make everyone go home. Oh, and try not to stress... :)

A New Little Project

This weekend we hung a shelf behind our sofa for some added storage and a way to display some artwork. It's still a bit bare, I have a hard time picking prints for our living room, but I'm enjoying the way it looks.

Such a easy little project and I'll be thrilled when I have just the right objects for it. Tim's getting pretty handy with wood, I'll have to start finding more projects for him!

(Sorry these photos are so dark, I'm so ready for Spring and more light when I get home from work!)

Building a Coffee Table

This post is very well-overdue being that T built this coffee table months ago, but what are you going to do.

Here it is, in all it's glory, our coffee table. I feel a bit like it's our little baby that was just an idea that I thought up and T put into production. He was really the star of this project, I really didn't do anything except think it up and purchase the materials, but I wanted to share it nonetheless. I think it's just perfect. Here we go...

We purchased three sheets of pine furniture wood. Two that were the right size for the top and bottom, and one that were half the size that we cut for the center pieces. After sanding, T did two coats of stain (we used a Minwax oil-based stain and finished it with two coats of satin Minwax polyurethane). 

Then he put it together. Placing the top piece upside down, he clapped the center pieces on a used a pocket jig to create the holes for the screws, then drilled in the screws. He then did the same thing, attached the bottom piece to the centers and again using the pocket jig and screwing it together. I hope that makes sense...

I purchased the legs online at Home Depot and we stained them to match, then attached with brackets.

I had wanted something very mid-century modern and couldn't find anything in our price range. Because I wanted it to be so basic, it was fairly easy after we found the right wood and decided on the stain. We also wanted something that was fairly narrow because of our space, but because it's narrow, it would also look great as something under TV as well as a coffee table.

I'm so happy with it, and happy that we will have something that T built and we can cherish for years to come. Still in love with it even though we've had it for a few months now. :)

Around Here.

Life has been moving right along lately. The weather has changed, T&I have a couple of lovely little date events coming up (Apple Picking!), and I am in the process of signing up for a craft show. This will be the first show where I'll be making handmade goods, the two I've done before were selling cupcakes. Wish me luck!

Our apartment is happily coming along. Just a few more odds and ends to do before I really feel content. And I'm sure once I feel content, I'll want to start changing things. It's my personality.

With this show lined up, I've set a new goal for myself. As nervous as I am, it's something that I'm looking forward to, something to help me get up in the morning. We will see.