Product Review: Stickygrams

I'm not sure how I discovered Stickygram, but when I did, I knew I wanted them. I love taking photos and having my iPhone with me at all times means that I capture a lot of moments on my phone rather than my DSLR. I'm also a big fan of Instagram and use it constantly (follow me @dcampeggio). When we moved, I knew I wanted these photo magnets for our fridge.

I have to say, ordering from them was a lovely experience. Super easy to use and they came in the mail only a few days later. I also think their logo, website, and blog are designed really well and reflect a fun, playful persona. $14.99+free shipping for nine magnets, so the price is very decent as well.

My biggest concern before ordering was that they wouldn't be strong enough to actually hold anything on the fridge. But I was wrong and they are fully functional. I honestly love this product. My only problem is that we have a stainless steel fridge (nonmagnetic) so we had to stick them to the sides. 

I can't wait to take more great Instagram photos to order another set!

Have you ordered from them yet?

Product Review: Jo Totes

When I purchased my camera in the beginning of the summer, I knew I needed a case to bring the camera outside of the house and protect it. I wanted to find a case that could double as a handbag too, because I hated carrying both. So when I discovered Jo Totes, I was thrilled. Spotted as a sidebar ad on a few of my favorite blogs, I decided which one I wanted and then let it sit in the back of my mind before I made the commitment to purchase.

I decided on the Millie style bag and though I was a bit wary about the price, it has been worth every penny. It's crafted beautifully, it's made from a lovely faux leather which I love (I tend to not buy anything made from real leather) and the color is exactly how it's depicted in the photos. The inside is soft and holds my camera snuggly, with room to hold my phone, wallet, and lipstick (and some of the time, Tim's wallet as well). 

All in all, I'm overwhelming happy with this purchase. It was exactly what I wanted from a camera bag and I would recommend this bag to anyone!

This product review is completely my own opinions and I am not receiving any compensation for this review.

Recent Purchase from PopChart Lab

Photo by PopChart Lab

Since we are gathering things together to furnish and decorate our new apartment (we move in 26 days...yikes!), I've been on the hunt for some great prints and artwork to fill the walls. In an attempt to not make it feel like only a cat-loving lady lives there, I was on the hunt for something more "manly." This was perfect!

It's an 18x22 diagram of all the different kinds of beer and how they relate to one another. The print is from PopChart Lab and the quality is beautiful and I am very excited to display it over our vintage drink cart (once I find one...I'm currently on the hunt for one.) All in all, super pleased with this purchase and Tim likes it as well! Double win.