Things Not Working Out

Sometimes things just don't work out. It's hard for me to deal with.

I had one of those weekends where I completed nothing on my to-do list, binge watched a ton of shows, and couldn't get off the sofa due to a headache. Somewhere in there I made these mini strawberry rhubarb galettes, which didn't turn out great, and also made and photographed a cocktail recipe that upon looking at the photos just wasn't good. These are the days when balancing a full-time job, making blog things, staying social with friends and a boyfriend, and also doing chores around the house just seems unbearable. I sit a work all week dreaming about the things I'll make, cleaning I'll do, and brunches I'll eat during the coming weekend. And then Saturday morning hits and nothing can motivate me. I love making content for this blog, but things not working out is just a drag. And if I'm being honest, I'm incredibly hard on myself about it. 

So today I'm making a plan to be productive with the small amount of at-home time I have this weekend. Sitting around being bummed out isn't helpful and whenever possible I try to turn that energy into motivation to do better. I try to map out what I can realistically get done, what I need to do after work to be prepared, and how I can prep so I'm better the next time around.

There's been a lot of articles and blog posts written about how the internet creates a space where everything looks perfect. A space where we only share the positive and curated and we therefore are comparing our hustle to someone else's successes. Comparing our day-to-day office job to someone's creative venture. And while I don't fully believe in all that, I also think it's nice to share that sometimes things didn't work out. So that's why I don't have anything exciting for you this week. Hopefully, I can get things back on track for next week. <3


Around Here

This is the first Spring I've had in a long time where I'm not frantically searching for a new place to live. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. When I think back on the different apartments I've lived in, each place seems to signify where I was at that point in my life and I'm happy to be staying in this one life phase for a little while longer. I'm taking that as a good sign that I'm where I'm suppose to be at this moment in time.

These photos were taken prior to a big cleaning that I did in my bedroom. That giant cardboard box you can see in the first photo, which has been in that exact spot filled with random stuff I didn't know what to do with since I moved in last July, is finally emptied and gone. Those random hats have been added to my hat wall area. My suitcase, which has been sitting empty since I unpacked from Chicago, has made it back to the basement. Outside, my plants are in pots and actually doing pretty good I think! Flowers on the tomato plants and will need to be staked soon because they are growing so much.

On the to-do list is painting the bedframe in my spare bedroom (this has been on my to-do list for months!). I recently spoke to my dad about bleaching the entire deck out back since it's pretty mildewy. I bought some strands of outside lights to hang up and I'm ordered some temporary wallpaper samples to do the back wall in my kitchen (!!!). But it feels good. My house really feels like home to me and I feel good about the choices I've made each time I go home. Feeling good!


Recipe: Pimm's Cup

I think Spring might be here to stay this time around. I'm looking at the 10-day forecast and temperatures are finally staying above 60 degrees and we're seeing some sun. Thank goodness! Yesterday was the first day in a long while we saw some sun and warmer weather, and I knew I wanted to make a Pimm's Cup to celebrate. Spring says Pimm's Cup to me. On hotter days I want all the citrus and herby cocktails I can find, but we aren't there yet and a Pimm's Cup is the perfect Spring drink. Herby from the Pimm's no. 1, slightly citrusy from some lemon slices, and fruity and refreshing from the muddled strawberries and cucumber. Perfect.

The first time I had a Pimm's Cup was while visiting one of my best friends in New Orleans. We had driven out to the country for a family party and decided to stop at one of the plantations we passed. Neither of us are particularly interested in plantations tours or giftshops (I honestly feel like they downplay slavery and it makes me uncomfortable), so we found our way to the plantation bar, ordered the most southern cocktails we could think of (Pimm's Cup and a Mint Julep) and wandered the gardens for an hour. Since then I've had them multiple times, and if you're ever in Philly, Village Whiskey makes a damn good one. But here's how I like it:

Pimm's Cup

Yields one cocktail

4 oz Pimm's no. 1
2 small strawberries, cut in fourths
2 lemon slices
several mint leaves
3-4 cucumber slices
Ginger beer or Ginger ale.

In a cocktail shaker, muddle strawberries, mint, lemons slices, and cucumber slices. Add ice and Pimm's no. 1. Shake to combine. Fill a pint glass with ice and strain cocktail into glass. Add ginger beer until the glass is full, stir. Garnish with lemon slices, cucumber slices, and a strawberry. Cheers. 


5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

The weather this week is getting me down. It's been cold and rainy in the Philadelphia area for about two weeks. I'm lacking focus and energy to get things done. Currently feeling like I'm in a creative rut and don't feel like spending any time in my kitchen except to heat up frozen pizza. It's spring in the city and I want to be eating brunch outside and walking to the water ice place after work. Hopefully we'll see a break from the dreary weather sometime soon though (looking like maybe next week, fingers crossed)!

So Here's 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now:

  1. I bought a Scooter! After dreaming about riding a scooter around the city since before I even moved here, I finally have my own. A friend was selling this beauty and asked if I was interested. After hemming and hawing about it for a day or two, I decided that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. I mean, look how cute she is outside my house!
  2. New phone case. I recently upgraded my phone (yay!!) and needed a new case to go with. I picked up this Glitter Bomb case from, which I purchased from PaperSource, and it's just so good. The rose gold with the gold glitter is a dream and I've received several compliments already!
  3. My glasses. I've owned these Bonlook glasses for a few years now and though I've always loved them, I go through phases where I rarely wear them outside of the house. For the past couple of weeks I've really been embracing them and wearing them almost everyday, which is a fun change. I also own and love these frames and I'm really itching to buy these...
  4. G and I have been rewatching the last season of Veep so that we can watch the new season that airing currently! Really makes me laugh out loud. 
  5. Cleaning my house. Keeping my house clean can be a struggle for me. I'm either great at keeping up with it and make time to do a little every day or so, or I forget for weeks and it starts to feel overwhelming. For the past two weeks, cleaning my house has been relaxing and productive. I've moved some junk out and either thrown it away or donated it. I'm keeping up with the dishes and vacuuming. Hoping this feeling lingers for a while. 

Lipstick Obsessed

So, I'm pretty positive I have a lipstick obsession. These are all the lipsticks that I carry around with me on a daily basis. I know, I know. Even I recognize how ridiculous it is to be carrying 15+ lip products around with me at all times. I started getting into lipstick maybe 2-3 years ago when I wanted to learn more about cosmetics and started watching videos and following blogs about cosmetics and beauty. I've always been drawn to a classic red lip and after being nervous for a while about pulling it off, I decided to get over myself and do what I wanted. I'm a firm believer that "pulling something off" is 97% confidence and fake it 'til you make it and 3% knowing what looks good on you, which is really your personal opinion about yourself. 

My problem with lipsticks is that I have longevity issues. I don't know if it's the way I move my mouth when I speak, or something I do subconsciously, or if my lips are just more moist than other people's but I have a seriously hard time keeping lipstick looking good. I'm definitely not a "put it on in the morning and don't check on it until bedtime" kinda girl. Most of the time, I need a lip liner. And even with liquid lipsticks, I cannot for the life of me keep lipstick on the center of my bottom lip. So, unfortunately, many formulas of liquid lipsticks stay on 75% of my lips, except the bottom center, which within 20 minutes is completely washed away and I'm left with a seriously hard to get off outline around my lips. Not ideal.

One of the main things that's helped me with my lipsticks is to keep my lips moisturized and exfoliated. Every night I use a heavy coating of Vaseline to keep my lips from drying out when I sleep and moisturize them. In the mornings, I exfoliate my lips with a LUSH scrub, wipe it off with a damp washcloth, and apply an agave lip mask to soak in while I do the rest of my makeup. When it's time to apply my lipstick, I apply the Prep and Prime, let it get a little tacky, then apply lip liner and lipstick. 

Below is a list of my current lipstick favorites that I'm towing around in my bag these days along with some of my favorite tools and "helper" products. In the fall/winter, I tend to use mostly reds and plums, but now that spring and summer are upon us, I'm happy to be throwing my pinks and oranges back into rotation. Also, I spoke about my main lipstick combination in this post, but that Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain has been such a problem solver for me. It's a gloss that dries like a liquid lipstick or stain, but it helps with that center of the lip problem! I use it with most of my red liquid lipsticks.👄 

Nars Pencils: Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella; Satin Lip Pencil in Yu, Timanfaya, and Luxembourg.

Liquid Lipsticks: Stila Stay All Day in Beso; Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet; Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain in Rouge Gouache; and Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Mon Cheri.

Lipsticks: Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo in Marmalade and Confection; MAC lipstick in Craving; and Buxom Full-On Lipstick in Barcelona.

Lip Liners: MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me Quick; MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl; Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil in Catfight, Bang, Anarchy, and Gash (must be discontinued, similar: Bad Blood)

Tools: NARS Pencil Sharpener; MAC Prep and Prime Lip (not pictured); LUSH Mint Juleps Lip Scrub (not pictured); Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask (not pictured); good old fashioned Vaseline (not pictured). 

Most of these links link to Sephora since that's the main place I buy my cosmetics and it's one of my favorite places to shop. Two items are discontinued, but I found them on Amazon or a similar color.